Anonymous Discussion Topic

This is a completely anonymous suggestion box for topics to bring up in our weekly support group

There are many topics that can be difficult, personal or sensitive to talk about. At Not Alone we understand that it may not be easy to bring certain things up in a group setting, but these questions are often the most important and could be things that a lot of people think about,  but are also not comfortable bringing up.

Perhaps it’s about family, medications, personal feelings about your body, there are all kinds of things that can be invaluable to have information and support about, but are just too hard to bring up.

So if you have a burning question or topic that you would like discussed in the group this form is completely anonymous and enables that discussion to take place without you having to say a word. You may even find that once others are talking about it you are more comfortable joining the conversation.

Just add your message and hit send.
It’s that easy.

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