Meetings & Events

Our weekly meeting is held every Tuesday at Stoke Youth and Community Centre.

Parking on the street immediately outside the Community Centre is free at this time.

11 Masterman Rd, Plymouth, PL2 1BJ

What happens in the support groups?

This is a question that we often get asked. It is an important question, knowing what to expect helps people from being so nervous if they come along. Speaking about gender issues for the first time can be scary, but the most important thing to remember that this is a safe place where you can do so amongst other like-minded people.

Our meetings our friendly and informal, we start by introducing ourselves with our name and the pronouns that we use (he/him, she/her, they/them etc). If anyone does not want to introduce themselves then that’s fine too.

We then normally have some ‘Trans News’, a quick update on the latest goings on in the Trans & Non-Binary community that week.

We then discuss anything that people would like to bring up in the group. This can be personal issues, medical questions, family, activities, interests or anything at all that they would like to talk about.

After an hour we break from the group format, grab a cup of tea or coffee and speak more informally and casually, in small groups and one-to-one. This is so that those not confident speaking in a group can have a chance to talk in a way which they may find easier.

This continues until 9pm(ish) when we finish.

Anonymous Discussion Topic

This is a completely anonymous suggestion box for topics to bring up in our weekly support group