Reporting Hate Crime

You can report hate crime in a number of different ways:

To a third party who will report the incident to the police with your permission

To the police

If it is an emergency where life is threatened, people are injured or offenders are nearby and an urgent response is required, ring 999.

What is a Hate Crime?

A hate crime is any hate incident which constitutes a criminal offence and the victim or any other person believes it to be motivated by prejudice or hate.

We record a hate incident if the victim or another person believes it is motivated by the hatred of someone because of a particular factor. Those factors include:

  • A person’s disability
  • Their race, ethnicity or nationality
  • Their religion or belief
  • Their sexual orientation
  • Their Gender Identity

Hate crime can be against the person, or the person’s property.

No-one should have to live in fear or anxiety. You do not have to suffer in silence. We urge you to report hate incidents.

Hate crime doesn’t just affect the individual person it is aimed at. It can have a major impact on whole communities.

All incidences of transphobia are classed as either hate incidences or hate crimes

Devon and Cornwall Police Diverse Communities Team have diversity engagement officers working across Devon and Cornwall. PC Whitehouse is the Plymouth LGBT Engagement Officer and regularly supports Not Alone Plymouth. Transphobic hate crimes are under reported nationally.

PC Whitehouse wants to build trust and confidence between the police and the Tran’s community whilst promoting the methods of reporting hate crimes. To support this work Erin King from Not Alone Plymouth regularly meets with senior members of the Plymouth Police Command Team where she is able to provide advice on the issues effecting the Trans community whilst being a critical friend.

“We are aware that the number of Transphobic Hate Crimes is extremely under reported, we want to reassure the Tran’s community if you report an incident to us we will treat the matter seriously and you will be dealt with the upmost sensitivity.”
– PC Whitehouse